My Girl

In August, a little angel joined our family.

Meet Lily – a.k.a. Snugglebug, Bugaboo, Bug, Bright-eyes, Cute Girl . . .

8 lbs 5 oz

21.25 inches long

After birth, Lily spent almost a week in the NBICU. Lily was originally admitted for some respiratory difficulties and then underwent an entire course of antibiotics for a culture we believe had been contaminated. Lily’s hospital stay gave me a whole new level of sympathy for friends and family who had ever had a child in the ICU. Leaving the hospital without her was, emotionally, one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I was just grateful Lily was healthy and not in the ICU for more serious reasons.

While still in the ICU, I caught one of Lily’s fleeting smiles. This image is one of the things that brought me comfort when I could not be near my baby.

I loved the little frogs on her bedding that day – Lily’s room is now known as the ‘Lily Pad.’

Daddy holding Lily in the NBICU.

Lily let us know during her second ultrasound, that we might have a camera-shy baby.

Lily evaded the ideal time for her newborn pics with her ICU stay and then avoided two other shoots by “redecorating” the carpet in the studio room and her swing. We finally did get some newborn pics of our little one . . .

Lily’s eyes are one of my favorite features on her darling face – any wonder why she might be called Bright-Eyes?

Just a couple weeks later, Lily had already changed so much.

I would love to photograph her more than I do, but that would mean I would have to give up some snuggle time.

These areĀ  images from a more recent shoot – some of Lily’s more thoughtful expressions.

Time flies faster than ever. Lily is two months old today.

Lily is so sweet and is growing fast; I have never been so grateful for photography – to capture all the little moments I never want to forget.

I love being a mom, more than I ever thought possible. Motherhood definitely changed my perspective on life – things that several months ago I thought were so important, now seem trivial in comparison. I love watching Clark be a dad; he works so hard to make life great for Lily and me – thanks, Honey.









Fall – nature’s season to tantalize the eyes with incredible colors. Amazingly enough, all these beautiful leaves are from the same tree in my front yard.

Happy Wedding Day

Bob and Susan – Thank you for allowing me to be part of your special day. May the happiness and love you experienced today continue to through time and eternity.

Happy Birthday

Happy 2nd birthday, sweet Emma.


Congrats Sione and Sarah! What a special night.

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